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Macross Plus Novel

Flash back to me about two months ago saying I’ll write a summary a bit later. Well, I finally gathered the will to do it and it’s long. Long. Some scenes were really nice and it would have been a pity not … Continue reading

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Stand by Me (the peggies)

I couldn’t sleep, so have Kitazawa Yuuho of the peggies talking about Stand by Me, the ending theme of Sarazanmai. The interview is actually a bit longer, but I only translated the relevant parts. ‘I thought it would be interesting … Continue reading

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[Sarazanmai] Spoon.2di character designs + event reports

An anon(s?) decided to share some leaks of the newest spoon.2di number which features some info about Sarazanmai (meaning I have no idea about the actual source ・ω・), as well as a couple of reports from the Ikuni event/talk show. … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop – Kanno Yoko OST Commentary (The Jazz Messengers)

    (here’s hoping this hasn’t been translated yet) I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I bought the book, so here we go: Yoko Kanno’s commentary on the series’ soundtrack, more precisely, OST I and Vitaminless. Her comments are … Continue reading

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Violence Jack volume 1 Afterword (Nagai Go)

I recently watched the Violence Jack OVAs (errhgmm) and remembered I had Nagai Go’s foreword/volume one afterword from the aizouban/complete 18 volume edition released in 1996. Nagai shares a part of his thought process while writing the manga, a few … Continue reading

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Dororo Afterword

Thanks to the latest news, I remembered I had these pages stored somewhere… So, here it is – Tezuka Ozamu’s afterword, from the Complete Tezuka Collection (or however you may want to call it…).  

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SMT IV Draft Scenario

I believe it’s a well-known fact that Kaneko came up with the idea behind SMT IV and wrote the drafts that led to the game (almost) everyone has played. But did you know the drafts are more than just drafts? … Continue reading

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