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Series Director Takeuchi Nobuyuki Interview (Perfect Guide)

I decided to stop procrastinating and finish translating the interview I started three hundred years ago, mainly because no one will love your favourite character as much as Nobuyuki loves the Kuji brothers (Chikai in particular). It’s actually a pretty … Continue reading

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Stand by Me (the peggies)

I couldn’t sleep, so have Kitazawa Yuuho of the peggies talking about Stand by Me, the ending theme of Sarazanmai. The interview is actually a bit longer, but I only translated the relevant parts. ‘I thought it would be interesting … Continue reading

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Kaneko Kazuma 1996 Interview

First of all, thank you punishmentxsin for the commission! This time we have a short Kaneko Kazuma interview on the newly released (back then) Akuma Zensho in the eighth volume of the Sega Saturn Magazine, revealing something totally unexpected about Hachiman, with … Continue reading

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Ichikawa Haruko 2014 Interview [part 2]

About a month ago I translated what I later realised was only the first half of a 2014 Ichikawa Haruko interview for the ‘Kono manga ga sugoi!’ website. That first half is focused exclusively on Houseki no kuni and you can … Continue reading

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Suda51 Interview (Flower, Sun, and Rain)

Spring 2001 interview with Suda Goichi about his newly released game — Flower, Sun, and Rain for GPara, unearthed by infernalgrape​. Thank you for the commission! Interview “I killed all my previous works once when Flower, Sun, and Rain was released, … Continue reading

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Ichikawa Haruko Houseki no kuni interview 2014

Remember that 2014 interview with Ichikawa Haruko about Houseki no kuni? If I remember correctly, only a few snippets have been translated, so I decided to do it all. (After that I realised the HnK part was only half of … Continue reading

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I’ve been procrastinating on this translation for so long that I’m about to beat the game for the third time in a row again in…well, several years. Right. This is a follow-up of sorts to the previous (pre-release) interview, which … Continue reading

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