Turn A Gundam novel scans vol. 1

Turn A Gundam had two series of novels: a five-volume one written by Satou Shigeru (1999 – 2000) and a two-volume one written by Fukui Harutoshi (2000). I decided to try out the first series because I read somewhere it had nice writing and more (crazy) background info. The writing is nice indeed! It’s much better than the one in Four’s Story which doesn’t say much tbh, but it manages to create some nice visual images and focuses quite a bit on Loran’s state after he first lands on Earth. The rest is pretty much the same as in the anime. Speaking of which, the scans above are only from the first volume, since it’s…the only one I have atm…yeah.

Anyway, the best part is that the covers and other illustrations were drawn by Hagio Moto. Unexpected, really. Confirms I made the correct choice.  (* ’-^)


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Violence Jack 完結解説


I finished reading Violence Jack some days ago (I’d say Nagai really did manage to create that epic story he had wanted) and decided to translate a part of the last chapter for whoever’s interested. It’s basically Jack explaining everything that has happened over the past 18 volumes and how it involves everyone and everything.

The translation is under the cut. Here’s a link to the whole thing if you don’t feel like reading it on tumblr. Do I need to warn for spoilers? Spoiler warning, obviously.

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Remember those mythology articles released back when SMT 4 FINAL wasn’t already old news? I figured  two years is perhaps a tad too long even for my levels of procrastination, so I decided to get them done once and for all. This is also a pretty interesting article, so let’s hope it’s a good sign…Anyway!

If you were wondering what’s up with all the spooky stuff going on in Tokyo or are into conspiracy theories about Akechi Mitsuhide, then this is the perfect article for you. If not…well, it’s still an interesting insight into some Buddhist protection rituals and a conspiracy theory about Akechi Mitsuhide.

Previous topic: Adramelech and pagan demons.

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Four Story [scans]

I’ve only seen low-res versions of these pages from Four’s Story, so I decided to scan them myself. In case you’re interested, summary here and a couple of translated passages here.


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Four Story [dialogue translation]

Here are two translated dialogues (monologues…) from Four’s Story, in case anyone in the universe is interested.

The first one takes place just before Jill loses his life due to the Psyco Gundam going berserk; the second one reveals good old Professor Murasame’s final plan concerning Four.

Under the cut!

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Four Story [main ideas]

I finished reading Four’s Story the other day, and although it was a very light read quality wise, it ended up as quite the depressing narrative. Watching Four’s episodes in Zeta after reading this was not good for the heart.

Also, since this novel seemed impossible to find for a good while, I decided to write down the main points of the story. For, you know, reference. A couple of names were transliterated by me, so they might not be what you’re used to (probably? no idea).

Under the cut!

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Zeus [Doi]


Zeus’s turn, yay…Spoiler: Doi’s explanation is exactly what you thought it would be (minus the Persephone connection, why would you even think about that).

Anahita here. Alex here. Demeter here. Amon is here.

As the main god of Greek mythology, Zeus has been the theme of a great number of sculptures and paintings ever since Antiquity. He’s such a prominent god, even people who aren’t too familiar with mythology know him. Now that I think about it, Greek mythology was the very reason I fell in love with myths as a child. Back then, there were quite a lot of TV programmes about various mythologies, civilisations and relics, the most popular chief god was Zeus and manga inspired by Greek mythology were also very successful. He is the God of my mythological roots, so I obviously decided to design him as well as I could.

But once I started drawing him I fell prey to indecision, since I had a feeling that drawing him normally would have made me add a ‘Super’ before his name… (wry). The first image that comes to mind is that of an old man wearing a toga and an ancient Greek style armour, but I had some doubts about drawing the type of figure that had already appeared in other works. Therefore, I challenged myself to emphasise originality and display lesser known mythological facts or obscure anecdotes.

With that in mind, the first thing I wanted to draw was Zeus’s duality. Zeus is a chief god, so the image of justice is strong, but in truth he also had quite the malicious and sleazy side (laughs). I’m going to leave out why that side appeared, but there are various interesting theories, like it being the fault of humans and so on. If anyone is interested in this, please do check it up.

So, I tried to adapt these two sides to the descriptions found in legends and figured I should apply the concepts of good and evil to Zeus’s armour. The good side is symbolised by the figure resembling a sculpture with the armour of ‘brightness’ and the kerauno. The wicked side is represented by the beast-like figure wearing the armour of ‘fear’ and the adamantium sickle. This is how the Zeus of this form was born, as a sort of final form you can glimpse in battle. By the way, I also subtly emphasised his crotch, since it’s part of who he is (laughs).



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