Remember when I used to translate the SMT4A mythology topics a long time ago in a galaxy far far away? Well, I decided finishing them is actually a really good idea, especially since I’ll be able to focus on other things as well. So, here we are (in case anyone’s interested anymore).

Previous topic (eleventh) – The Birth of Humans and the Birth of Gods

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Kanno Yoko Talking about Turn A Gundam’s Music (snippet)




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Turn A Setting Tweets by Yasuda Akira

あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:00:59
あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:02:15
あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:05:49
主に地球側の乗り物がそうです RT @45calinaho: @akiman7
あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:07:21
アルペジオとかヤマト2199のシナリオとかガンダムSEEDの設定を手がけている森田さんが考えたはず RT @00380316: @akiman7 この設定知ったとき、考えた人スゲーって思いました
あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:14:01
あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:16:08
イラストレーター・あきまん氏「Gセルフは∀ガンダムにならないよ」に始まる怒涛の∀ガンダム語り! –

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YHVH Translation Masterpost

For all your YHVH needs. YHVH and friends dialogues and descriptions from Megami Tensei II, Shin Megami Tensei II and Shin Megami Tensei IV Final. I know the dialogues have been translated before, but I made my own versions for other reasons, so I might as well put them here (awkward archaic speech included).

More info on: Kagutsuchi, Doi commenting on his YHVH designs in SMT4F, The Great Will.

More under the cut!

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I’ve been procrastinating on this translation for so long that I’m about to beat the game for the third time in a row again in…well, several years.


Right. This is a follow-up of sorts to the previous (pre-release) interview, which I translated here. Moderated by the same Atlus Net manager, Kosugi (whose named I mistranslated for some reason as Kozuki; sorry, manager Kosugi) this January 2009 interview focuses more on the technical side of the game, like tweaks, rewritings, the original COMP design and the never-ending struggle for more memory space.

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Maken X Pre-release interview: Okada Cozy x Kaneko Kazuma

Here’s an interview from 1999, just before the release of Maken X (thanks, infernalgrape!) where Cozy and Kaneko talk about the very beginnings of the game, some of its main interesting points and a few ideas that were never implemented.

For whose sake are you going to use that power?

The second interview celebrating the release of Maken X, with its developers, Okada Kouji and Kaneko Kazuma. The two talked about their thoughts preceding the release and looked back on the year that has passed.

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Persona 5 shout-out 5


Programme reporter: Reporting live from Yasoinaba for today’s “Found it! The Town’s Detective Channel’ right nooow!

Programme reporter: We’re right at the Marukyuu Tofu Store! Oh my! Why, this is the actual home of the popular idol Risecchi!

Commentator: Kujikawa Rise was on a temporary break in the past, but it might just be that the power of tofu fueled her lasting popularity.

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