Maken X Pre-release interview: Okada Cozy x Kaneko Kazuma

Here’s an interview from 1999, just before the release of Maken X (thanks, infernalgrape!) where Cozy and Kaneko talk about the very beginnings of the game, some of its main interesting points and a few ideas that were never implemented.

For whose sake are you going to use that power?

The second interview celebrating the release of Maken X, with its developers, Okada Kouji and Kaneko Kazuma. The two talked about their thoughts preceding the release and looked back on the year that has passed.

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Persona 5 shout-out 5


Programme reporter: Reporting live from Yasoinaba for today’s “Found it! The Town’s Detective Channel’ right nooow!

Programme reporter: We’re right at the Marukyuu Tofu Store! Oh my! Why, this is the actual home of the popular idol Risecchi!

Commentator: Kujikawa Rise was on a temporary break in the past, but it might just be that the power of tofu fueled her lasting popularity.

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Persona 5 shout-out 4


Noisy girl: A high-school student interested in detective work! How neat is that. They say he’s like the second coming of the old Detective Prince…


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Persona 5 shout-out 3


Programme reporter: Reporting live from Yasoinaba for today’s “Found it! The Town’s Detective Channel’ right nooow!

Programme reporter: The Amagi Inn we can see here is an establishment of long standing tradition. You can enjoy delicious food at their biggest pride, the hot springs!

Commentator: Oh my, the future owner is such a beauty! I would say it’s worth visiting just for her, hahaha.


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The other face of the Demon Artist, Kaneko Kazuma

Remember the announcement from a couple of months ago about the Digital Devil Apocalypse interview? The Kaneko one. Well, I don’t celebrate Halloween, but here’s a treat for you (no tricks!).


(relevant banner thanks to @eirikrjs)

For Digital Devil Apocalypse scans check the scans tag, they’ll be easy to find.

The man called ‘the Demon Artist’. The man who reinterprets ancient myths and legends into modern allegory. The vision of the world that travels from his brain to his fingertips can be without doubt associated with the words ‘the Demon Artist’. However, it seems that those words weave a rather insular association. The Demon Artist – Kaneko Kazuma. In truth, there are many things to say about the demon motifs in his art and becoming more aware of them in order to understand his illustrations is certainly no mistake. And yet, we have dared to leave that way of thinking aside.

This interview does not intend to introduce the demons themselves, but to approach the secrets of the designs born at the interstice of intention and chance and to hear Kaneko’s interpretations of his own motifs. Each illustration has been categorised according to the particularities of its shape and this approach characterises the entire framework.

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Persona 5 shout-out 2


Another shout-out – previous one is here.

Quick-witted detective: Why would you hang dead bodies on telephone poles or antennas?

Suspect under investigation: Because the world is full of crap…I guess.

Quick-witted detective: Are you telling me you killed them because of that? Have you no shame?!


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Persona 5 shout-out 1


Found something neat that hasn’t been shared yet, I think.

Male moderator: Heckle, heckle! Today’s special is…police officers to keep an eye on!

Male moderator: We have so many, starting with a handsome detective sporting red sunglasses and ending with a man who is the stuff of legends. It’s said he’s even defeated a bear!

Female commentator: It looks like we can add a young lady too, even though she’s not part of the police force yet: an actual kung-fu master studying at the Police Academy!


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