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Kaneko Kazuma x Takeyasu Sawaki x Hasegawa Zin. An unexpected talk between the Demon Artist and the producers of The Lost Child!

  You’ve probably heard about this before, mainly because it’s the latest known Kaneko interview. This one took place back in August 2017, about a week before the release of The Lost Child and features Kaneko Kazuma, Takeyasu Sawaki (producer … Continue reading

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Was Tanabata originally an autumn celebration? The origins, food and decorations of Tanabata in the Edo era

Both the present and the Edo period share the same standard Tanabata events. However, there aren’t only celebrations that connect the two eras, but also things that got lost. Here are a few of them. Writing wishes on strips of … Continue reading

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Ninomaru Palace of Nijo Castle

From the series of ‘things I forgot I had’, found this pretty postcard set I bought this April in Japan and wanted to share it because the Ninomaru Palace of Nijo Castle is really impressive, especially the carvings, gold leaf and … Continue reading

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Found the transcript of an old interview with Mamoru Oshii from the Angel’s Egg guide book attached to the 12.1985 number of Animage, where he talks a bit about the cancelled Lupin III movie and a bit more about the … Continue reading

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