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I translate things, mainly almost everything that has to do with gods screwing with humans' lives and getting their asses kicked in return.

Kaneko Kazuma’s Hobby Diary Vol. 10

I was bored, so have another unearthed Kaneko Diary entry. Previous entries here and here. This time we start with extra limbs in spirit photography and end with…well, something out of Lord of the Flies. I guess. Translation under the cut!

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Kaneko Kazuma’s Hobby Diary Vol.8

Skipping some months in real time and in Kaneko History Time to bring you another entry of the Kaneko Diary series! You may wonder what happened to the Movie Diary series. Well, you see…the Internet ate it. It’s gone, together … Continue reading

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Hagio Moto – Star Red

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Series Director Takeuchi Nobuyuki Interview (Perfect Guide)

I decided to stop procrastinating and finish translating the interview I started three hundred years ago, mainly because no one will love your favourite character as much as Nobuyuki loves the Kuji brothers (Chikai in particular). It’s actually a pretty … Continue reading

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Kaneko Kazuma’s Movie Diary Vol.3

More than a decade ago, Atlus had a cool section on its website where various game developers kept some sort of diaries. The subjects ranged from their hobbies, inspirations, game progress, etc. (think Soejima’s or Hashino’s Creator Works) Kaneko was part … Continue reading

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Megami Tensei I ・II OST Notes (Nishitani Aya)

I haven’t done much translating in about 100 years, so I decided to slowly get back into it, this time with a short message by Nishitani Aya of Megami Tensei fame. The message is part of a booklet accompanying the Megami … Continue reading

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Macross Plus Novel

Flash back to me about two months ago saying I’ll write a summary a bit later. Well, I finally gathered the will to do it and it’s long. Long. Some scenes were really nice and it would have been a pity not … Continue reading

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