Kaneko Kazuma’s Hobby Diary Vol.8


Skipping some months in real time and in Kaneko History Time to bring you another entry of the Kaneko Diary series! You may wonder what happened to the Movie Diary series. Well, you see…the Internet ate it. It’s gone, together with the first seven (and lots more to come) volumes of the Hobby Diary.

Got to make do with what we have though, so look under the cut for Kaneko talking about spirit photography and missing limbs!

17.07.2017 Kaneko Kazuma’s Hobby Diary Vol.8

I’ve talked about real life spirit photography several times here, but we divide even this subject into some strange categories.

One of them is about ‘disappearing body parts’.

There are several books or special features on TV about spirit photography showing photos taken in dense forests, on rocky surfaces or building walls claiming that things that are obviously shadows, leaves , rocks or perhaps wall stains actually represent human faces. I am sure there have been a lot of people who have seen these types of ‘discoveries’…

Another example would be photos of standing women whose skirts reveal that one of their legs has disappeared; you are even able to see the back of the skirt. Nevertheless, the women aren’t actually hiding one of their legs and it is obvious they are keeping their balance as if they were standing on two legs, while the skirt itself does follow the line of their thigh.  

Basically the women in question do have two legs, but one of them is transparent. 

A similar situation involves invisible wrists, (where you can clearly see the creases of the shirt, or even invisible lower parts of the body or invisible heads (you can see the inside of the collar, of course).

Spirit photography usually reveals one extra hand or other body parts in a group photo, but one missing limb sounds rather unusual, doesn’t it? Not to mention that these kinds of photos have a continuation without fail, where the ‘missing’ limb will get hurt in some way.

Even more, the veracity of such photos is supported by many real life cases where the people end up wounding their ‘missing’ limbs. 

We hear from time to time, for example, stories about idol singers getting hurt during a concert, and we know there are definitely photos of such incidents, with them being idols and all. It seems that the wounded body parts had already disappeared in photos taken months before the actual incidents (there was this uproar when it was discovered that an idol had hurt their body part which had also disappeared from a photo in a magazine).

So, what are these ‘missing limb’ photographs, really? Could it be they actually predict the future?

Most spiritualists quoted in books or on TV theorise that the ‘missing’ limbs photographed by chance are actually crossed by spirits (probably wandering spirits that are there to reassure the photographer and subjects that there are no malevolent spirits around) or said body part is covered the spirit of their owner’s ancestors in order to warn them of future danger.

There are many such explanations, but do the ‘disappearances’ take place because the ‘spirit’ happened to get into contact with the body part or because the ‘spirit’ was right between the missing limb and the camera? Either way, it seems that upon this kind of contact, the body part either disappears or is transported to a different dimension (the spiritual world). 

Mediums might talk about being inconspicuous and all and how having your ancestors warn you of future danger is good. More importantly though, how would you even be able to warn people about body parts that are completely covered?

Oh well, these photos might be nothing more than fakes, but the strange thing is, they, unlike the ‘orbs’ and ‘sky fish’ I talked about earlier, have completely disappeared as soon as digital cameras got popular.

On the other hand, you can also say that people have been able to take such photos since the advent of non-digital cameras, but everything changed when instant cameras replaced cameras in front of which you had to stand still for several minutes. 

It seems that the secret of the ‘missing limb’ photos lies precisely in that very instant…


Continuing next time. 


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