[Sarazanmai] Spoon.2di character designs + event reports

An anon(s?) decided to share some leaks of the newest spoon.2di number which features some info about Sarazanmai (meaning I have no idea about the actual source ・ω・), as well as a couple of reports from the Ikuni event/talk show.

What was shared are basically Migi’s (the character designer) comments about the different stages the character designs went through, Ikuhara’s input and ideas and so on. Take note I only summarised the comments.

Translations under the cut!

  • Kappa design as requested by Ikuhara: eerie and gross, colour coded, Ikuhara spent a lot of time drawing all kinds of patterns for the stomach;
  • Ikuhara asked the illustrator to design Kazuki as one of the characters in their artbooks, a listless and a bit shady boy;
  • he’s a plain looking boy, the closest to Migi’s usual style;
  • focused especially on the boyish eyes, giving him a sharp look and took care not to make him too skinny;
  • you can tell Tooi is a bad boy from the look in his eyes, which needed to be redesigned several times; the eye lines were specifically emphasised;
  • he’s not supposed to be particularly handsome;
  • drawn in a uniform because the three were initially supposed to be elementary school kids;
  • Enta was designed before his personality was established, back then he was only Kazuki’s friend and an otakuish kid;
  • Migi wanted to avoid all three having the same face, so Enta got raised eyebrows and droopy eyes;
  • thought about making his hair white, for variety;
  • the only available information about Chikai was that he was Tooi’s brother and a bad guy, no info about his role in the story, so Migi initially designed him as a young delinquent with the same air as Tooi, but later settled on the older, suit wearing image;
  • Sara was originally supposed to be a beautiful quiet classmate of Otone’s (middle schooler), thus a normal girl wearing a one piece dress;
  • Migi was later told to change her hair style to the shape of the kappa streetlights in Asakusa;
  • even later, Sara’s background changed even more, resulting in our idol Sara;
  • Reo and Mabu are supposed to be opposites, inspired by buddy cop shows and movies (Ikuhara even showed Migi old photos and stuff);
  • Mabu’s gaze is supposed to be cool and sharp;
  • Reo is supposed to be the flashy one; he’s a handsome guy, the hair colour and teeth were Ikuhara’s idea; he’s basically the opposite of Mabu;
  • Reo plays a ‘bad’ role, so he’s got a wicked expression;
  • the two wear typical Japanese police summer uniforms, but Ikuhara asked that the legs resemble those of policemen in foreign movies.


Now, on to the talk show reports. I decided to combine them, since some of the information is repeated and/or completes each other. Take note these were taken in a hurry, so sometimes not even the OP was too sure about what they were writing.

Number oneNumber twoNumber three

  • the planning started in 2015, the character designs were commissioned in summer, the project proposal was submitted by the end of the year; the names of the three kappa had been already chosen before Golden Week;
  • Tooi was the hardest to design, a combination of cool and homely, so he’s basically busakawaii [uglycute];
  • Keppi was supposed to look frightening, like a monster.

Original catchphrases:

  • ‘I want to connect, but I want to betray’;
  • ‘Will we be able to meet that important person again?’

Original Reo and Mabu catchphrases [at least that’s what I assume it was in Reo’s case]

  • Reo: ‘You’ve found it, my love dish!’;
  • Reo is a ‘charayoi’ man, flashy but handsome [charai – flashy; yoi otoko – handsome man];
  • Mabu: ‘Our objective is to steal; firmly’ (verbal tic) -> double meaning: he’s a firm guy with firm determination; [the word in question is ‘katai’]

Ousaki Risa (the original Sara character) [don’t quote me on the name]

  • ‘I cannot connect with anyone and anything’

From the imageboards

  • the location wasn’t supposed to be Asakusa at first;
  • the kappa are dead but alive, that’s why they have those eyes; they exist between our world and the other [the latter is most likely the land of the dead];
  • kappa Enta was a hunchback;
  • Ikuhara wanted Haruka to have an onion like head, for impact, but was stopped;
  • ideas for kappa fights: piggyback riding; the three kappa would combine, resulting in Kawatarou, a beautiful kappa, with their faces aligned on his stomach;
  • Ikuni’s original idea was that the boy’s empty bodies/husks (after transformation) be burnt down by their enemies, but they stopped him;
  • Otone and the homeroom teacher were initially different characters; she was supposed to be an FBI agent investigating the kappa;
  • Keppi was supposed to look like a cross between a seal and a hippo;
  • the transformation scene originally showed Keppi’s insides;
  • the leakage scene was named ‘saraudo’ [the original poster is speculating it might come from kuraudo – ‘cloud’];
  • originally Reo and Mabu were supposed to resemble the Phantom of the Opera and the zombie transformation scene would have been more similar to a musical instead of the otter stuff;
  • the Soiya scene had their blood vessels visible and their song was supposed to explain what exactly they were doing to the zombies.

Original plans for the world setting

  • a few words to describe the series: ‘we are circular existences’, ‘the circles are plates and dishes’, ‘connecting many worlds’;
  • the three boys connected through the saraphone;
  • plate universe, this world is made up of several plates lying on top of each other; one of them disappears and the boys have to look for it;
  • Schroedinger’s plate, the lost plate;
  • the one who obtains the plates controls the universe; [one of the reports says something a bit different: if you collect a certain number of plates you can create a world]
  • at some point it also resembled 2001: A Space Odyssey;
  • Keppi was called KP at first;
  • he came from a place with piles of boxes, with someone/something dispatching the boxes; Keppi was king (now he is the heir to the throne); the development of this plot point will be revealed in a leakage scene;
  • there was a plan for the boxes to resemble matriochka dolls.


  • The saratto pose: there were a few proposals for the saratto pose for the PV, in the end they took a photo of Ikuhara spazzing around;
  • Kappazombies on their fours: so their shirikodama can be extracted easily; they want and yet don’t want to be seen;
  • Hobbies of the kappazombies: written as out there as they could, but still in the realm of possiblity;
  • The three boys’ names: taken from Sanbiki ga kiru!; provisional titles – ‘Sanmai ga kiru!’ and ‘Sarazanmai’;
  • On family relations in his works: Good Haro translated the answer here;
  • March 11 tsunami influence: material things are damaged, what you can rely on besides those are connections; everyone is connected now; people might be depended on smartphones, but this is an age where we cannot live without them;
  • Details about the songs: before songs we had quiz contests and later sumo matches in order to defeat the zombies (no one in the staff knew too much about sumo, so they gave up); the inspiration for Kawausoooooya is the band Issei Fuubi Sepia;
  • About same sex pairings in Ikuni’s series: f/f or m/m doesn’t matter, he just loves beautiful people (definition of beautiful people: outlaw types who renounce their souls/hearts in order to accomplish something; he loves fighting partners and accomplices);
  • Why boys this time: he wanted to write about boys too, since he always ended up making series with girls; he wanted to write about boys so he could include dirty jokes and dumb youth stories (like Kazuki and Enta wanting to buy porn DVDs with Otone’s credit card and the box being changed with Tooi’s during the leakage scene);
  • Particular woman model: none; he always read and liked shoujo manga and it influenced  him; he was surprised the genre depicted human emotions and passions in those times, it seemed very similar to literature; the rise of seinen manga in the 80s, exploring the same themes, blurred the lines between the genres; he loves stories where the souls connect and thinks they are beautiful;
  • Unexpected fan reactions: ‘dirty’ (the staff only realised this later); Kawausoya hit the spot;
  • Why are the boys middle schoolers: no particular reason; they were originally supposed to be elementary school students, but Ikuhara was vetoed and it would have been pretty risky if they had been high schoolers, so if they’re middle schoolers they fit between adult situations and dirty jokes;
  • What does the ア mean: you can tell from the first episode.



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