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Ichikawa Haruko Special Illustration for Tsuritama Anime Debut

Did you know Ichikawa Haruko drew a special illustration for Tsuritama all those years ago? I had no idea, but Wikipedia was kind enough to let me know. Here’s her short message: My name is Ichikawa Haruko, pleased to meet … Continue reading

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Poe no ichizoku Hagio Moto talking corner 2

Another Hagio Moto talking corner from the same volume (four, in my edition, if I remember correctly). Previous one is here. This time we have serious topics, like how to kill a vampanella, where do vampanella go when they vanish and…what … Continue reading

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Kaneko Kazuma 1996 Interview

First of all, thank you punishmentxsin for the commission! This time we have a short Kaneko Kazuma interview on the newly released (back then) Akuma Zensho in the eighth volume of the Sega Saturn Magazine, revealing something totally unexpected about Hachiman, with … Continue reading

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Poe no ichizoku Hagio Moto talking corner

I was looking through my phone gallery and found this photo taken back when I managed to finish Poe no ichizoku, more than a year ago (after keeping the books in the library for, like, three years :/). Since there … Continue reading

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