Turn A Gundam novel scans vol. 1

Turn A Gundam had two series of novels: a five-volume one written by Satou Shigeru (1999 – 2000) and a two-volume one written by Fukui Harutoshi (2000). I decided to try out the first series because I read somewhere it had nice writing and more (crazy) background info. The writing is nice indeed! It’s much better than the one in Four’s Story which doesn’t say much tbh, but it manages to create some nice visual images and focuses quite a bit on Loran’s state after he first lands on Earth. The rest is pretty much the same as in the anime. Speaking of which, the scans above are only from the first volume, since it’s…the only one I have atm…yeah.

Anyway, the best part is that the covers and other illustrations were drawn by Hagio Moto. Unexpected, really. Confirms I made the correct choice.  (* ’-^)


About dijeh

I translate things, mainly almost everything that has to do with gods screwing with humans' lives and getting their asses kicked in return.
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