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Suda51 Interview (Flower, Sun, and Rain)

Spring 2001 interview with Suda Goichi about his newly released game — Flower, Sun, and Rain for GPara, unearthed by infernalgrape​. Thank you for the commission! Interview “I killed all my previous works once when Flower, Sun, and Rain was released, … Continue reading

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Ichikawa Haruko Houseki no kuni interview 2014

Remember that 2014 interview with Ichikawa Haruko about Houseki no kuni? If I remember correctly, only a few snippets have been translated, so I decided to do it all. (After that I realised the HnK part was only half of … Continue reading

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Today we’re talking about dragons. Lots of dragons. All kinds of dragons. Previous topic: Tenkai and the Edo Mandala.

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Turn A Gundam novel scans vol. 1

Turn A Gundam had two series of novels: a five-volume one written by Satou Shigeru (1999 – 2000) and a two-volume one written by Fukui Harutoshi (2000). I decided to try out the first series because I read somewhere it … Continue reading

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Violence Jack 完結解説

I finished reading Violence Jack some days ago (I’d say Nagai really did manage to create that epic story he had wanted) and decided to translate a part of the last chapter for whoever’s interested. It’s basically Jack explaining everything … Continue reading

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Remember those mythology articles released back when SMT 4 FINAL wasn’t already old news? I figured  two years is perhaps a tad too long even for my levels of procrastination, so I decided to get them done once and for … Continue reading

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Four Story [scans]

I’ve only seen low-res versions of these pages from Four’s Story, so I decided to scan them myself. In case you’re interested, summary here and a couple of translated passages here.  

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Four Story [dialogue translation]

Here are two translated dialogues (monologues…) from Four’s Story, in case anyone in the universe is interested. The first one takes place just before Jill loses his life due to the Psyco Gundam going berserk; the second one reveals good … Continue reading

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Four Story [main ideas]

I finished reading Four’s Story the other day, and although it was a very light read quality wise, it ended up as quite the depressing narrative. Watching Four’s episodes in Zeta after reading this was not good for the heart. … Continue reading

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