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Suda51 Interview (Flower, Sun, and Rain)

Spring 2001 interview with Suda Goichi about his newly released game — Flower, Sun, and Rain for GPara, unearthed by infernalgrape​. Thank you for the commission! Interview “I killed all my previous works once when Flower, Sun, and Rain was released, … Continue reading

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Ichikawa Haruko Houseki no kuni interview 2014

Remember that 2014 interview with Ichikawa Haruko about Houseki no kuni? If I remember correctly, only a few snippets have been translated, so I decided to do it all. (After that I realised the HnK part was only half of … Continue reading

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Today we’re talking about dragons. Lots of dragons. All kinds of dragons. Previous topic: Tenkai and the Edo Mandala.

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Turn A Gundam novel scans vol. 1

Turn A Gundam had two series of novels: a five-volume one written by Satou Shigeru (1999 – 2000) and a two-volume one written by Fukui Harutoshi (2000). I decided to try out the first series because I read somewhere it … Continue reading

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Violence Jack 完結解説

I finished reading Violence Jack some days ago (I’d say Nagai really did manage to create that epic story he had wanted) and decided to translate a part of the last chapter for whoever’s interested. It’s basically Jack explaining everything … Continue reading

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Remember those mythology articles released back when SMT 4 FINAL wasn’t already old news? I figured  two years is perhaps a tad too long even for my levels of procrastination, so I decided to get them done once and for … Continue reading

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Four Story [scans]

I’ve only seen low-res versions of these pages from Four’s Story, so I decided to scan them myself. In case you’re interested, summary here and a couple of translated passages here.  

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