Anahita [Doi]


And now, introducing my (sole) favourite new design, Anahita! The floating panels can go though.

Alex here. Demeter here. Amon is here.

Surprisingly, this is Megami Anahita’s first appearance in the Megaten series. (She did show up in the spin-off Majin Tensei though). The new female demons of Strange Journey, Asherah, Maya and so on, had simple but unique designs, so I tried to give Anahita a similar feel in order to maintain a sense of unity.

The design includes details taken directly from mythology, like the white skin and special golden ornaments, but there are also two original points. The first one is the character’s characteristic water stream, since I wanted to make the water element obvious.

Anahita is the goddess who governs over water, so the head resembles a spring, with water flowing along her body. Legend has it that her true form is actually water itself, so I had it flow on the inside of her body, as seen from the cracks on her skin, and not on her body surface. Her human is form is just a façade, so to speak.

The other original point is represented by the panel shaped shields, signifying her role as protector of life and royal authority. The pattern of the shields came to symbolise a charm against evil in Zoroastrianism. It seems the upper reversed triangle means good thoughts, the horizontal bar in the middle means good words and the lower triangle means good deeds. I personally really love these types of repeating patterns, shapes and ancient symbols, so I used them many times back when I was in charge with backgrounds. Speaking of which, the last time I was in charge with backgrounds was actually during Strange Journey (laughs).


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