Demeter [Doi]


I could barely believe it’s already been almost three months since Amon’s translation, so I decided to talk today about Demeter’s tiny feet. Just kidding.

Amon is here.

Let’s see what Doi has to say now!

Greek mythology introduces the goddess of agriculture, Demeter, under many facets, like that of Zeus’s wife or Persephone’s mother. Demeter’s image is widely regarded as that of an adult woman, but this game portrays her as a little girl. Her unusual appearance was for me a glimpse into the appeal of the game’s setting, but since this isn’t really a traditional look of hers, I had quite some trouble coming up with a design.

In the scenario data and videos Demeter is written as someone involved with the player’s game progression. Demons that show up in Megaten may act all nice, but they do tend to have another face, don’t you think? (laughs) I wanted to imply that Demeter plays a similar role, so I gave her the image of a little rascal that would make the player wonder whether she’s friend or foe. Looks-wise, I was expected to give her more of a an actual character touch than have her look like a demon, similar to SMT4F’s Krishna.

Her garments represent the earth, with the main colours yellow and green symbolising buds and youth, while the hues and multitude of accessories indicate abundance. Something to pay attention to, besides the golden wheat ears in her right hand, simply symbolising abundance, is the cornucopia in her left hand, which doesn’t stand only for good crops, but also famine, as legend says. It would only take one thought of Demeter’s for the world to perish.

I had Demeter stand out among other demons through this aspect, but I am looking forward to her role in the story myself.


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