Amon [Doi]


Ok so! Doi’s comments about Amon. Thanks @eirikrjs for letting me know. Enjoy a late night half asleep translation.

Amon’s appearance in the Dictionnaire Infernal is famous, but he hasn’t shown up in a long while in Megaten after his Shin Megami Tensei: if… debut. Since this time I had to draw him as a new demon,  I respected tradition, but aimed at the same time for an updated design that would display his majesty and the awe he inspires.

The main point of the design are the red hands. According to legend, Amon can offer his summoner knowledge about the past and the future and is known as an intellectual and erudite demon, so I thought I would be able to express this aura by adding those posing arms to an animal body. The design of his arms is based on Shin Megami Tensei if…’s (Akira route) homage to a certain work, but I’m not too sure how obvious it is (laughs). Nevertheless, respect for older works and imagination will always be important and the positive feedback received by this Amon makes me think this is a pretty good formula…

Well then, this demon will make his debut in  autumn, together with the release of DSJ. Enjoy it and don’t forget about the follow-up reports!


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I translate things, mainly almost everything that has to do with gods screwing with humans' lives and getting their asses kicked in return.
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