Turn A Setting Tweets by Yasuda Akira

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主に地球側の乗り物がそうです RT @45calinaho: @akiman7
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アルペジオとかヤマト2199のシナリオとかガンダムSEEDの設定を手がけている森田さんが考えたはず RT @00380316: @akiman7 この設定知ったとき、考えた人スゲーって思いました
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あきまん @akiman7 2015-03-18 18:16:08
イラストレーター・あきまん氏「Gセルフは∀ガンダムにならないよ」に始まる怒涛の∀ガンダム語り! –

Tweets by Yasuda Akira (other people’s questions are between brackets) –
In Turn A Gundam’s time, certain kinds of vegetation that grow on Earth produce electrical energy when exposed to the light of sun. Nocis City functions thanks to solar panels and similar things that use that kind of energy. This type of electricity generating grass can also be found on roofs.
In Turn A Gundam’s time, fossil fuels have been exhausted and cars and other machines function based on hydrogen pellets. It’s a hydrogen based society, actually.
(Do Earth vehicles function like that?) Mainly the vehicles on Earth it seems.
(When I first heard about this, I thought the one in charge came up with such an awesome idea) That’s Morita for you; he’s also worked on the scenario for Arpegio and Yamato 2199 and the setting of Gundam SEED.
Nanomachines are something normal for both the people on Earth and the Moonrace in this story; they are extremely small machines that work as programmed, like turning rice into mizuame, for example.
Director Tomino read the entire background prepared for Turn A, but didn’t attempt to fully explain it; so there are solar panels too when the military parade takes place in Nocis.



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