Kanno Yoko Talking about Turn A Gundam’s Music (snippet)




I wanted to present Tomino with “real music” and it took me about half a year to make the “real thing” he had asked for. To me, there is a big difference between the music you hear in Japanese animation and that of Hollywood movies. If you want to build up a scene in a Hollywood movie, what you want is exactly the so-called “background music”, but the anime music I think about has to complement the scene and the characters’ feelings. Whether it creates any build up or not is just one outcome. I thought Tomino too was a director to whose work I wanted to add simialr music. I wanted to avoid creating music that was only good for build up and didn’t share the same outlook. Either way, I feel like I worked really hard on the music he wanted, especially since what Turn A Gundam needed to express its depth wasn’t “build up music”, but “music that reflects the same philosophy”.



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I translate things, mainly almost everything that has to do with gods screwing with humans' lives and getting their asses kicked in return.
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