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The other face of the Demon Artist, Kaneko Kazuma

Remember the announcement from a couple of months ago about the Digital Devil Apocalypse interview? The Kaneko one. Well, I don’t celebrate Halloween, but here’s a treat for you (no tricks!). (relevant banner thanks to @eirikrjs) For Digital Devil Apocalypse scans check … Continue reading

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Persona 5 shout-out 2

Another shout-out – previous one is here. Quick-witted detective: Why would you hang dead bodies on telephone poles or antennas? Suspect under investigation: Because the world is full of crap…I guess. Quick-witted detective: Are you telling me you killed them … Continue reading

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Persona 5 shout-out 1

Found something neat that hasn’t been shared yet, I think. Male moderator: Heckle, heckle! Today’s special is…police officers to keep an eye on! Male moderator: We have so many, starting with a handsome detective sporting red sunglasses and ending with … Continue reading

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Kingdom of Red scene

(I don’t have the book yet but) I received one random page of Kingdom of Red and decided to translate it because I really liked the atmosphere. Oh right, I have no idea what the context of the first line … Continue reading

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Mitra profiles

   Trouble with Mitra? In my Megaten? Haha, no way. Actually, yes. The description in both Japanese and English remained the same throughout the years (thanks to@eirikrjs we have SMT4F and Persona 4 and friends above, likely to be following Nocturne). … Continue reading

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eirikrjs: So I was wondering if you could find out anything about this persona from Persona 2. It says that she’s a Filipino goddess who created humans out of bamboo. I did my own research and found that there are … Continue reading

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