Finally the last topic! Not really, but the last topic before the two DLC topics…

No particular history or mythology lessons this time, but just a short and fast trip through ancient times to see how myths evolved from worship based on fear, later gratitude, to means of control and in the end to entertainment for either the masses or the chosen ones.

Previous topic: Siegfried and tales of heroes.

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Ichikawa Haruko 2014 Interview [part 2]

About a month ago I translated what I later realised was only the first half of a 2014 Ichikawa Haruko interview for the ‘Kono manga ga sugoi!’ website. That first half is focused exclusively on Houseki no kuni and you can read it here.

Now, for the second half, which is more about Ichikawa’s inspirations and progress as an artist.


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Was Tanabata originally an autumn celebration? The origins, food and decorations of Tanabata in the Edo era

Both the present and the Edo period share the same standard Tanabata events. However, there aren’t only celebrations that connect the two eras, but also things that got lost. Here are a few of them.

sc136524Writing wishes on strips of paper and decorating bamboo with them has survived to this day. The child doing his best to support the big bamboo is really cute. (Utagawa Kuniyoshi, ‘The Seventh Month’ from the series ‘Children’s Games of the Five Festivals’) [1]

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Another SMT4F mythology topic! Two more left and we can finally end this two year long journey. Yay!

Previous topic: Shesha and Dragon Gods around the World.

Translation under the cut!

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Suda51 Interview (Flower, Sun, and Rain)

Spring 2001 interview with Suda Goichi about his newly released game — Flower, Sun, and Rain for GPara, unearthed by infernalgrape​. Thank you for the commission!


“I killed all my previous works once when Flower, Sun, and Rain was released, so I’d be really happy if I were somehow able to put them all in order.”

Thus sounded the proposal of Suda Goichi of Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer of Flower, Sun, and Rain, barely two weeks after the game’s release.

“Killing the past” is a message that has appeared countless times in Suda’s works, but also his own policy. In Suda’s words, “I want to create games where you look towards the future without clinging to the past”. He also knows well that in order to kill the past, one needs to face it head-on.

To be honest, Flower, Sun, and Rain has received both positive and negative reviews from players. In order to “kill the past”, Suda has dealt with all the reactions that appeared after the game’s release, and in response shall talk about them in this interview GPara has prepared as fast as possible.

GPara’s questions for Suda

  • Flower, Sun, and Rain? Negative feedback and answers;
  • Reactions after Flower, Sun, and Rain’s release;
  • Future Suda games and a message.

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Ichikawa Haruko Houseki no kuni interview 2014

Remember that 2014 interview with Ichikawa Haruko about Houseki no kuni? If I remember correctly, only a few snippets have been translated, so I decided to do it all. (After that I realised the HnK part was only half of it, but the second part about Ichikawa’s art can wait for a bit).

So here it is – (the interviewer though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


Boys up, girls down. The sexless gems are alluring!

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Today we’re talking about dragons. Lots of dragons. All kinds of dragons.

Previous topic: Tenkai and the Edo Mandala.

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