Innocence: After The Long Goodbye scans

Finished reading After the Long Goodbye the other day and decided to scan the inner illustrations, since I don’t remember seeing them anywhere. Not the most brilliant scans, but there we go.



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Kaneko Kazuma x Takeyasu Sawaki x Hasegawa Zin. An unexpected talk between the Demon Artist and the producers of The Lost Child!



You’ve probably heard about this before, mainly because it’s the latest known Kaneko interview. This one took place back in August 2017, about a week before the release of The Lost Child and features Kaneko Kazuma, Takeyasu Sawaki (producer and character designer, of El-Shaddai fame) and Hasegawa Zin, the director of development. Why Kaneko? The well-known Megaten influence, of course.

(I apologise in advance to The Lost Child/Takeyasu fans if I got terminology wrong)

Read the interview below!

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Turn A Gundam novel scans vol. 2

Finished reading the second volume (’Disturbance’) of the Turn A Gundam novels. This one focuses on the aftermath of the attack on Nocis, Loran’s struggles with his loyalty to both Earth and Moon and Dianna’s advent, together with peace negotiations. First volume scans here.

Stuff that stayed in my mind (some of these might be in the anime too, but my memory isn’t too good):

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Kaneko Kazuma’s Hobby Diary Vol. 10

I was bored, so have another unearthed Kaneko Diary entry. Previous entries here and here.

This time we start with extra limbs in spirit photography and end with…well, something out of Lord of the Flies. I guess.

Translation under the cut!

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Kaneko Kazuma’s Hobby Diary Vol.8


Skipping some months in real time and in Kaneko History Time to bring you another entry of the Kaneko Diary series! You may wonder what happened to the Movie Diary series. Well, you see…the Internet ate it. It’s gone, together with the first seven (and lots more to come) volumes of the Hobby Diary.

Got to make do with what we have though, so look under the cut for Kaneko talking about spirit photography and missing limbs!

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Hagio Moto – Star Red


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Series Director Takeuchi Nobuyuki Interview (Perfect Guide)


I decided to stop procrastinating and finish translating the interview I started three hundred years ago, mainly because no one will love your favourite character as much as Nobuyuki loves the Kuji brothers (Chikai in particular). It’s actually a pretty interesting interview which reveals quite the amount of thought put into the smallest details and some unexpected inspirations and homages. By the way, I haven’t seen the series in quite a while, so any inadvertence is my fault.

Oh, and speaking of Takeuchi. Remember Enta’s walking bridge? Turns out it really was Takeuchi’s homage to Utena.

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Kaneko Kazuma’s Movie Diary Vol.3

More than a decade ago, Atlus had a cool section on its website where various game developers kept some sort of diaries. The subjects ranged from their hobbies, inspirations, game progress, etc. (think Soejima’s or Hashino’s Creator Works) Kaneko was part of this too and his ‘diary’ had more than thirty chapters, which sounds really cool and exciting when you think about it, except that…

Except that new parent company meant new website, so the old Atlus website just died and no one bothered to transfer all those tiny pieces of Atlus history which were mostly lost (unless someone had the foresight to save them in advance). I tried to salvage what I could find, namely Kaneko’s, but as you can already see, it was close to impossible.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s left of Kaneko Kazuma’s Movie Diary (Kaneko ranting about horror movies basically) _( `◟ 、_ )ノシ

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Megami Tensei I ・II OST Notes (Nishitani Aya)


I haven’t done much translating in about 100 years, so I decided to slowly get back into it, this time with a short message by Nishitani Aya of Megami Tensei fame. The message is part of a booklet accompanying the Megami Tensei I and II OST, kindly shared by @eirikrjs, like, five years ago. I’m slow.

Message under the cut!

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Macross Plus Novel


Flash back to me about two months ago saying I’ll write a summary a bit later. Well, I finally gathered the will to do it and it’s longLong. Some scenes were really nice and it would have been a pity not to reproduce them in full, so you’ll find some translated passages as well. The book itself is structured in three big chapters + prologue and each chapter has a few subchapters, but I wrote down my notes ages ago and never bothered separating them into something shorter than the chapters themselves…

For whoever’s interested, I scanned the illustrations here.

Now on to the summary!


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